New Terrain

Eleni Ierides - Associate

28 February 2017

Starting a new job, no matter where can be a nerve racking experience. Starting a new job in a brand new industry where you have limited experience brings with it a higher level of uneasiness.

You will make mistakes, and I know I made plenty. You will have horrible days where you wonder if you are cut out for this type of work. You might even have an existential crisis or two.

But over time you start to realize that each challenge you are presented with is an opportunity for growth. An opportunity to revise your process and engage with your work from a more expanded perspective taking into account the intellectual value you accumulated from your peers and clients.

Seequelle, is indeed that, a second chance to do things right and build something of greater value for you, your peers and our customers.

But outside of the lessons learned and the opportunity to mold the direction of an organization, the one thing that I appreciate the most is the incredible team of individuals I work with. Smart, funny, talented, honest, dedicated and dependable. No, that’s not a summary from an online dating profile. That’s the composure of the Seequelle team.