Seequelle Restores North State Grocery’s Trust in Their HCM Platform

The essential challenge North State Grocery faced was that their implementation of Dayforce was, in the words of chief financial officer Michel LeClerc, “just not functioning right.” They were at the end of the customer service period, but they still needed help.

“We acquired the Dayforce platform to streamline our payroll, time-keeping, attendance, and benefits processes,” shares Michel. “When Dayforce is working properly, things are great. When it’s not working properly, you end up spinning your wheels. For instance, our benefits module was so poorly configured that we couldn’t do open enrollment with it. We had to go back and manually adjust everything.”

Still, Michel wasn’t ready to give up on the HCM platform. They just wanted it to work the way it should. “We had a huge laundry list of problems that frustrated us. We just couldn’t trust our system because we never knew when the next hammer was going to fall,” says Michel. “So, we began looking for a consultant to help us get the results we expected when we started using Dayforce. That’s when we reached out to Seequelle.”

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