We are a group of professional technology consultants specializing in human capital management consulting, business process optimization, and data integration services. Our services allow your organization to save time, cut costs, and manage employees with reliable technology.

Software Implementation

Implementing HCM software can be a challenge for even the most mature organizations. Understanding requirements, planning the implementation, installing and configuring the software, integrating with other systems, deploying to users, managing organizational change — the list goes on and on. Failure to effectively plan, manage, and support the deployment can result in delays, wasted time, disappointed users, and a failed implementation.

Seequelle is well adept with various facets of the overall software deployment process. As such, we are able to provide you a range of services, from specialized project role augmentation to owning the responsibility of the overall solution implementation.

Related services include:

  • Software implementation
  • Project management
  • Upgrades and system audits
  • Solution design and technical development
  • Post production changes and support

HCM Strategic Consulting

At Seequelle, we understand the need for people, processes, and technology to effectively interact so that your organization’s strategic goals can be met. An HCM solution is instrumental in driving business growth and employee engagement as well as creating more efficient processes that ultimately contribute to increased employee productivity.

We take the time to understand how your business operates, we know how to ask the right questions, and — most importantly — we listen. We can help you solve your business challenges based on the specific needs of your business and industry.

Related services include:

  • Process optimization
  • Vendor selection

Systems Integration & Reporting

In order for your business to be successful, your applications need to be able to talk to one another to effectively cut costs and maintain quality standards. We offer data integration capabilities that will fully support your requirements, transform your business, and ensure the most efficient, cost-effective implementation of your strategic initiatives.

Related services include:

  • 3rd party integration
  • Custom data interface
  • Custom reports

Partner With Us

We are trusted professional consultants who can help your business implement the technology it needs to thrive. Contact us to learn more about our experience in human capital management consulting, business process optimization, and data integration services. Together, our services can align technologies and processes with your unique business goals.