How much do you charge for your services?

We have a variety of billing options to choose from. We offer a “fixed fee” option along with a “time and materials” option. You can also purchase a block of hours with the opportunity to receive a discount with the more hours you purchase. Don’t worry, we’ll work with you to find the option that’s best suited for your project.


How much experience do Seequelle consultants have?

Our consultants have, on average, 7 years of experience working directly with HCM software. The certifications held by our team members include Project Management Professional (PMP), Fundamentals of Payroll Certification (FPC), Ceridian Professional Certification, and Ultimate Software Certification.


When can Seequelle begin working on my project?

Typically, it takes about 1-5 business days from service agreement completion to project kickoff. As much as we like to hit the ground running, we want to make sure we have the resources available for the timeframe in which we’re working. We’ll work together to make sure we deliver the project on-time and within budget.


What type of support structure do you offer your HCM consultants?

We staff projects with a Solution Oversight that will be the first level of support for the HCM consultant. Our Solution Oversights have many years of experience with HCM Implementations across multiple software platforms. Additionally, we cross-train our HCM Consultants on all HCM modules to ensure they have a complete picture of the integration points between each module.


Which types of industries does Seequelle support and how big are they?

Seequelle supports clients of all sizes–from small market to enterprise–across all industries within the continental USA and Canada. Please contact us for a list of referral companies or read about how we helped clients just like you on our case studies page.

Client-Side Project Services

How can Seequelle help my company navigate our implementation project with a software vendor?

We provide client-side project services to aid in a successful implementation! We can represent your team as your Project Manager and/or augment your team with Consulting services to ensure you are making wise business decisions and testing the system fully prior to launch.

Client-Side Project Services

Why should we hire Seequelle rather than ask someone on our team to step into the Project Manager role or review our own business practices and facilitate testing?

Seequelle specializes in implementation and system enhancement, and we know where gaps and challenges exist. We help you navigate those unknowns before they happen, rather than after the fact. Proactively approaching your implementation project can save you time and money, in addition to reducing issues upon go-live.

Client-Side Project Services

We need to implement a new software platform and do not know which system is best for us. Can Seequelle help us choose?

Yes, we work with clients to understand your needs from an organizational perspective. Once your needs and goals are determined, we assist in the vendor selection process to ensure your company is choosing a system that will meet your business needs holistically and provide you with the biggest ROI.

Client-Side Project Services

Do you have reviews from previous clients or references I can contact to ensure Seequelle will meet our needs?

Yes, all of the above! Check out our reviews on G2 and our case studies for more information on how we were able to help clients successfully launch. If you would like to speak to previous clients directly, please contact us so we can begin the process and provide you with their contact information.

Data Integration

What should be the first step when starting an integration project?

You should first ask “why are we moving data around?” In many instances, organizations try to replace manual processes with automated integrations and interfaces. However, simply replacing manual processes with automation may not be an optimal solution when you have several consuming systems in your company. A holistic view of source systems across your organization is the most appropriate first step to establish a reliable, efficient, and effective longer-term data flow solution.

Implementation & Add-ons

What can I expect to experience during an implementation?

The four major phases our certified project managers and consultants will guide you through include Discovery (we gather requirements), Configuration (configuration and internal testing), testing (you get to test your solution), and Go-Live (migration and post-Go-Live support).

Implementation & Add-ons

How long does an implementation typically last?

A typical implementation can take 6 months from start to finish. However, there may be exceptions due to the complexity of your solution.

Implementation & Add-ons

Which HCM modules does Seequelle implement?

Our consultants are well-versed in implementing core modules like Payroll, Benefits, Workforce Management (WFM), and HR, as well as ancillary modules including, but not limited to, Recruiting, Performance Management, and Compensation Management.

Implementation & Add-ons

Why Seequelle over the HCM vendor’s own team?

From reducing the engagement wait time to providing competitive pricing, the highly trained and certified team members at Seequelle strive to deliver quality work that will maximize your ROI. We take pride in creating ongoing relationships, so you’ll work with the same devoted team for all your projects moving forward.

Reporting and Analytics

What type of reporting services does Seequelle offer?

We offer custom reporting services to develop custom reports that are key to strategic initiatives within the business or a driver of efficiencies for day-to-day operations.

Reporting and Analytics

How can Seequelle help with creating the reports that I need?

While standard reporting tools in your HCM solutions help retrieve data easily, your reporting tools can become cumbersome to maintain over time as your data changes. Using Business Intelligence (BI) platforms and integrating them with your HCM solution can be your best path. Let the power of your BI platform slice, dice, and aggregate the granular data from your HCM systems, along with linking it to other useful information residing in other applications across your organization, to uncover and gain the most insight.

Reporting and Analytics

What exactly is “analytics” and why should I consider implementing it?

On its own, data is relatively useless. It only becomes useful when that set of data provides actionable information. Analytics is the process of finding meaningful patterns that help answer business questions and forecast outcomes.

System Optimization

Does Seequelle assist with compliance updates?

Yes! Our consultants are skilled at looking at your company holistically to provide you with a solution that will ensure compliance while creating minimal disruptions to your existing processes.

System Optimization

What are some examples of “system optimization”?

System optimization can encompass a multitude of projects, including updates due to new compliance laws, software enhancement, or changes in your business policies. If you’re ever unsure about what we can help with, please reach out to us and we can dive deeper into your needs.

System Optimization

What is the time frame required to complete a system audit?

System audits will typically take 3 – 4 weeks for the full HCM suite. During this time, interviews with all stakeholders will be conducted to understand your business and daily operations.

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