How We Help Companies Thrive


End-to-End Implementations

Switching from one HCM platform to another means completely overhauling your system. Stabilize your transition with certified experts by your side. We offer guidance and strategy throughout your entire implementation, tailoring your configuration to align with your business processes. Insight and guidance from experienced partners streamlines your HCM implementation and minimizes frustration as you undergo significant technological change.


Add-On Implementations

Add the features and functionality you’ve always wanted without fear of throwing your platform into chaos. We help you take a deliberate approach to adding new modules (e.g., Recruiting, Compensation Management) to make your HCM platform even more powerful. Our HCM technology experts know exactly how to achieve the full benefit of your add-on implementation, so you can finally see what your software can really do.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & acquisitions always come with disruptions – but we’ll make sure your HR systems stay the course. Partner with our proven HCM technology experts to implement your platform across every arm of your organization. Offloading the stress of implementation lets you stay focused on strategic decision-making, not struggling with software.


Post-Production Changes and Support

Just because your HCM implementation is complete doesn’t mean you’re on your own. Our experts help you achieve the “nice-to-have” functionality that was put on the back-burner during your transition, or adjust your system to meet any real-world needs that arise once your team begins using the platform.


Peninsula Hotels Case Study

Met a Tight Implementation Deadline

A month into HCM implementation, Peninsula Hotels knew they needed help. See how we closed gaps, improved the relationship with the HCM vendor, and successfully completed the implementation across four properties – all within deadline.


Jacksons Food Case Study

Improved System Functionality During Merger and Acquisition

Jacksons Food had only two months to get a new jointly-owned entity up and running on their existing Dayforce platform – but existing system limitations created time-draining roadblocks. See how we hit the ground running to help them optimize their system, streamline their process, and configure correct, compliant third-party carrier feeds.

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