Implementing a new HCM platform or optimizing your current system is a complex process full of moving parts. Unfortunately, your organization can’t suspend daily business operations as you transition, so you must make sure your new system is fully up to speed before flipping the switch. It’s like trying to hit a moving target…while you’re also moving.

Managing projects of this magnitude aren’t nearly as simple as they appear. Trying to assign ownership of an HCM implementation to a member of your HR department or IT team sets the project up for difficulties which can cause stress or burnout on your in-house staff.

The solution is to bring in a third-party project manager. Though it’s an additional investment, working with outsourced HCM consultants pays off.   

Here’s why working with a third-party project manager is one of the best ways to promote your implementation’s success.

A specialized skillset

Project management is a skill set developed through education, experience, and time. Even though your internal team members are intelligent and well-organized, they likely lack the qualifications to handle projects of this magnitude. Plus, they already have full-time jobs. Balancing the demands of their daily duties against an implementation is a recipe for burnout.

At Seequelle, our project managers have achieved accreditation specifically in project management, as demonstrated through PMP certification. They apply best practices in efficiency, organization, and communication to your project.

Uncovering your true business need

Many businesses come to HCM consultants with a specific goal in mind. However, that goal is often a symptom of the underlying business objective, not the end goal itself. Your HCM system is only one element of your business process.

Professional project managers are experts at determining exactly what you need, which is often different from what you think you need. They’ll interview stakeholders from C-suite to the software’s daily users to uncover what each department needs, how those needs fit together, and how your HCM platform can streamline the process.

Reach your HCM platform’s full potential

Project managers specializing in HCM implementation know the ins and outs of your new software and its full capabilities. With a clear understanding of your project requirements, they’ll apply their knowledge of your platform to approach implementation and configuration strategically. Setting up your system correctly in the first place can dramatically improve your system’s longevity and performance.

Interface with HCM vendors on your behalf

Some HCM consultants like Seequelle offer client-side project services in which they act as an advocate and point-of-contact for your vendors. They’ll keep the project on track by holding vendors accountable to the timeline. They’ll also be the primary communication hub for your organization, relieving your in-house teams from a time-consuming back-and-forth with vendors.

If you are still deciding between systems, bring in a third-party project manager to ensure you will receive what you are being sold. Their advocacy and expert advice assure that your new system will ultimately live up to your needs.

An unbiased perspective

While everyone has the best intentions for the project, sometimes expectations from various stakeholders may be at odds with one another or with your new HCM platform’s capabilities. Professional project managers are experts in delivering realistic a dose of realism regarding budgets, schedules, and expectations. A quality project manager will always give you the straight story, whether you want to hear it or not. Their evenhanded assessments are in your best interest. Sometimes the truth can be difficult to manage, but it’s always better than cleaning up the fallout from unrealistic expectations.

Expertise based on experience

HCM consultants have been involved with implementations at organizations of all sizes with lots of different needs. They have seen what works well—and what is destined for difficulty. When working with an outsourced project manager, you gain access to a long history of professional experience that enables you to sidestep avoidable mistakes that can compromise your project’s success.

An extension of your team

Third-party HCM consultants are not here to take over. Great project managers embed themselves with your teams, ensuring everyone stays informed, and their interests are addressed. They’re simultaneously the glue that holds the project together and the grease that keeps the wheels turning. Working with an experienced professional to assume responsibility for keeping your project on schedule and within budget is always a great idea.

Our expert HCM consultants help you with a smooth system transition. Contact Seequelle today, and let’s get started.


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