Since our inception as a company, we have consistently recognized the value of every individual in building our shared success. We combine our expertise, experience, and unique perspectives daily to help our clients solve complex business challenges and strengthen their operational foundations.

As a geographically dispersed company, we have remote “offices” throughout the U.S. and Canada. That means our company has a footprint in—and responsibility to—all the communities where our employees live and work. Seequelle Co-Founder and President Wilfred Gomez has long prioritized philanthropic outreach, integrating the idea of helping others into our company’s values from the very beginning.  

We realize the power of an individual to help the collective, which is why we are proud to announce the launch of Seequelle’s Corporate Giving Program.

Spreading support to #thrivetogether

Unlike traditional donation programs, Seequelle’s Corporate Giving Program isn’t structured around donating a large sum to a single worthy organization—it’s about empowering our employees to direct financial support to the programs that matter most to them and their communities. This program is more than a basic company benefit. It’s part of what Seequelle stands for. It’s how we help our communities thrive together.

Here’s how it works:

Every year, Seequelle will set aside an annual percentage of our profits to support nonprofit organizations that are significant to our staff. Employees are encouraged to nominate any tax-deductible charitable organization to receive a financial donation. Whether the nonprofit is personally meaningful or does important work in the surrounding community, it is eligible to receive our support, provided it’s a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Seequelle’s Corporate Giving fund is divided equally among employees, so organizations never “compete” for support. Instead, employees are encouraged to direct their portion of the fund to a deserving organization of their choice.

We love to hear the stories and missions of these organizations, so we’re dedicating space in our internal company communications and social media feeds to feature more information about the valuable work these groups perform.

Highlighting our diversity

While spreading support is the program’s mission, the Seequelle Corporate Giving Program has another added benefit: showcasing our employees’ diverse passions and communities. The program empowers our employees to share their interests and lets them know that Seequelle is standing by to offer support.

A continued commitment to our communities

Seequelle’s Corporate Giving Program furthers our tradition of contributing to our communities. We currently have a Volunteer Program in place where we encourage our employees to use the equivalent of two paid business days per year to volunteer their time at a local nonprofit organization that matters to them. This compensated time is separate from their annual paid time off (PTO) and can be used as two full business days or broken up into multiple hours over the course of a year. Paid volunteerism is our way of showing our belief that action is an integral part of change-making. 

Gaining momentum as we go

Paid time off to volunteer and employee-directed donations continue to strengthen the foundation of how we help others thrive. As we roll out additional phases of the Seequelle Corporate Giving initiative over the next two years, we expect the program to grow and evolve as we as a company continue our own growth and development.

Interested in learning more about Seequelle’s Corporate Giving Program? Contact us today.


Seequelle’s Corporate Giving Program Launch: Using Our Power as Individuals to Help Our Communities Thrive


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